Lebo Poonyane and Nick Binnedel

Lebo Poonyane and Nick Binnedel
GIBS Full Time Entrepreneurship challenge winner

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Th South African Invasion of China!!! Part1

The month period beginning 11 June 2010 until 11 July 2010 is arguably the most important for South Africa, and the entire African continent, courtesy of the first ever African Soccer World Cup!! This event will surely change the, usually, negative perception of South Africa to the rest of the world. South Africans can now confidently boast a world class economy and country, and have the World Cup event serve as proof of the country`s stature.  

Despite widespread criticism on the expenditure levels that had to be made to make the event possible in the country, the World Cups` benefits will far outweigh the costs, in the short and long term. It is almost certain that many countries will look to South Africa for additional business, thus increasing the country`s general trade levels, in many industries. This increased interest in the country and trade can only bode well for the South African economy.   

However, this situation makes it increasingly important for South African Entrepreneurs to be on the lookout for opportunities that may arise as a result of the World Cup. Many of these opportunities will be of a global nature, and thus require small businesses to equip themselves with the knowledge and skills for dealing international businesses. The global business landscape presents major growth opportunities for small businesses, but equally requires some major advances and sacrifices from local entrepreneurs. China will, undoubtedly, become an even bigger trading partner with South Africa, and Africa. Some commentators have termed the Chinese interest of the continent as the "Chinese Invasion", postulating that the Chinese will pillage and exploit the continent for its natural resources. This may or may not be true. But, the reality is that the Chinese are coming.  But, are we (The Entrepreneurs) ready for them? 

Are we ready for the Chinese Invasion?