Lebo Poonyane and Nick Binnedel

Lebo Poonyane and Nick Binnedel
GIBS Full Time Entrepreneurship challenge winner

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Entrepreneurial Insomnia

Is insomnia a pre-requisite to Entrepreneurial success?

I frequently wonder about the number of hours of each day that truly successful business people dedicate to sleep? And how these hours correlate with their success as entrepreneurs?

A brief skim through a few autobiographies of some of the worlds most successful entrepreneurs shows that most of them value the quality of sleep, instead of the number of hours spent sleeping. Simply put, it is more important to have good quality sleep than it is to have many hours of sleep. For instance,Sir Richard Branson depends more on frequent, quality, one-to-two hour power naps than the traditionally purported eight hours of daily sleep concept.

There are some other factors which contribute to this quality sleep phenomena, such as a healthy diet and exercise, as well as putting in a decent days hard work (so as to tire out the body and thus enduce a deeper sleep episode).

So, i figure that it becomes intuitive that too many hours of sleep may actually be a deterrent to the scale of entrepreneurial achievement (including my own).
From this then, the choice i`ve made is to sleep well (quality) and sleep less (quantity) - with an average of 5-6 hours an evening instead of 8 hours every night, combined with a diligent diet and exercise regime.
Lets see how this translates itself in terms of my productivity and growth of my business.

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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Happy New Year - 2011 - WHAT ARE YOUR GOALS?


Were already 5 days into the new year, and i was just wondering how many of us have already started working on our resolutions and how many of these, sometimes improbable, resolutions have already been broken?
Personally, i have a few B.H.A.G's (Big-Hairy-Audacious-Goals) that i have set out for myself for 2011. These include, at a very high level:

  1. Travel - I plan to increase my traveling activities this year, both locally and internationally. Ideally i would like to visit four (new) foreign countries and travel within south africa atleat once every two months.   
  2. Health and fitness - I plan to make the gym a regular part of my life, getting into the gym atleast 4 times a week. 
  3. Career and work - The central theme with regards to work will be / is FOCUS and FUN. I plan to rid myself of all activities and actions that do not directly support or strengthen my career and work life, but will only work on projects that will guarantee that i have tons of FUN while doing them.   
  4. Relationships - The idea here is to network and meet new people at every opportunity possible!! With regards to existing relationships, i intend to strengthen certain relationships and friendships, but will certainly have to let go of others. Even this aspect of my life will be focused to some extent, as i intend to shape my circle into one that includes only those people who have my best interests at heart. (Easier said than done though.)  
In a nutshell, these are my personal overaching goals for this year. The common thread with all these is "development and improvement" of my entrepreneurial abilities and activities.